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Catholic Clinical Ethics

An innovative program to advance Catholic health care’s leadership in providing high quality, compassionate care by preparing highly trained professionals who can address complex changes in biotechnology and clinical treatments in light of human dignity and the moral teachings of the Catholic Church. - Sr. Carol Keehan, President and Chief Executive Officer, Catholic Health Association of the United States

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Online Master of Arts in Catholic Clinical Ethics

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Online Certificate in Catholic Clinical Ethics

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The Catholic Clinical Ethics Master’s program and Certificate program prepare leadership at Catholic healthcare institutions to address complex social and ethical issues in healthcare, clinical treatment, genetics, biotechnology, and policy within the framework of the Catholic moral tradition and teaching.

The Catholic healthcare system is projected to lose approximately 70.6% of its ethicists over the next few years, creating an urgent need to train ethicists. The Catholic Clinical Ethics programs produce graduates trained in the Catholic tradition of ethical reasoning on medicine and health and ready to step into Catholic healthcare system.

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