Certificate vs Master of Arts

Two Great Program Options

In both programs, each course is offered online one evening per week for 12-14 consecutive weeks beginning in the last week of August for the fall semester. Students participate together in online discussions at the same time and night each week to optimize learning and allow for robust interaction between faculty and students.

Certificate Program Master of Arts Program
1 Semester
(Fall, Spring)
12 Month Program
(Fall, Spring, & Summer)
14 Credits 30 Credits
3 Core Courses 6 Core Courses
1 Elective Courses 3 Elective Courses
Portfolio Project Capstone Portfolio Project
Fully Online All courses are online except the Practicum
Who Would Benefit?


  • Ethics committee members
  • IRB members
  • Chaplains
  • Professionals with backgrounds in ethics, pastoral care, religious studies, or health policy
  • Individuals interested in expanding their knowledge base in bioethics
Who Would Benefit?


  • Ethicists for healthcare systems
  • Ethics consultants
  • Vice presidents
  • Directors of ethics committees
  • Executives focused on mission